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The presenters and production team

A variety of Deaf people are shown in the videos. Deaf presenters are sign language tutors and example scenes are given by members of the Deaf community to provide natural ‘real life’ sign examples.

As far as is possible What’s the Sign For…? employs Deaf people or people with links to the Deaf community to make its Sign Language products.


Karen Denis

Karen Denis

Karen qualified as a Teacher of the Deaf in 1994 (she holds an Advanced Diploma in the Bi-lingual education of Deaf children, along with a B.A (Hons) Degree in Communication. Karen is a Stage 3 signer and has experience of teaching Deaf children (6yrs – 18yrs) and adults. She has taught both within a Special school for the Deaf, and a Unit based in a Mainstream school.

Karen is responsible for writing the video scripts, funding the project and for the general day to day running of the business.

Anita Duffy

Anita Duffy

Anita is Profoundly Deaf. She has a very strong Deaf identity and history, with many members of her family being Deaf.

Anita works as a Teaching Assistant with Deaf children, she also volunteers for the Deaf Youth Club and supports and organises all kinds of other Deaf related activities.

Anita features on all of the What’s The Sign For...? DVDs, and is responsible for checking signs with the other presenters and making sure the pace, style and level of signing is correct so that the products are perfect.

Gary Taylor

Gary Taylor

Gary is heavily involved in the Deaf community. He has years of experience both in teaching and examining sign language and has been involved with What’s The Sign For...? since the very start. Gary is a valued member of the team and a fantastic presenter!

He features on the full range of DVDs and is currently working with us on Downloads.

Geraldine Gardener

Geraldine Gardener

Geraldine is the most recent addition to the What’s The Sign For…? team. She is Profoundly Deaf, and is an experienced sign language tutor. She has taught sign language for many years at both Levels 1 and 2.

Geraldine features on the Sign 2 It series. (Everyday Conversation, and Topics).

John WojcikJohn Wojcik

John is a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf and has worked with secondary aged pupils for many years. His pupils ‘christened’ him many years ago with the sign name ‘Superman’... we’re not sure if this is because of his teaching/signing skills or some other special powers??!! If we find out, we’ll let you know!

John is an experienced sign language tutor and features on the Picture This Signed Series (Levels 1 and 2).

Pauline Hodgson

Pauline Hodgson

Pauline worked for many years as a Teaching Assistant with Deaf chidren - both in a Special school for the Deaf, and a mainstream school with a ‘base’. Pauline has recently retired from her full-time job, and is enjoying spending more time with her family, and going on holidays with friends!

Pauline is a sign language tutor, and has also worked for many years as a sign language examiner.

Pauline signs on all of our Level 1 and 2 DVDs.

Sandra Teasdale

Sandra Teasdale

Sandra is Profoundly Deaf. She works and socialises in the Deaf community. She is a Teaching Assistant and has many years of experience working with young Deaf children and babies in the North East of England.

Sandra is our only left handed signer! She features on Picture This Signed Levels 1 and 2, See it Signed, and the Sign 2 It series.

Jim Hay

Jim is the artist that joined us in 2006, he designed and drew all the cartoons you can see in the Picture This Signed DVDs as well as in our book Picture This.

Jim is also part of our video/DVD production company.

The Production Team

In January 2006 we changed our production company and have started using Cyber 42.

Cyber 42 have produced the last 5 DVDs and are continuing to work with us on future products.

Jim who is part of the company is also the artist we used to produce the Picture This book.