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Sign Language DVDs and Downloads

We produce high quality British Sign Language (BSL) DVDs and downloads to help you learn at a time and pace that suits you.

All of our products are carefully scripted to make sure they teach you the signs you need depending upon your level of ability. We have 9 Teaching and Practice DVDs that are all professionally filmed using Deaf signers. All of our Deaf presenters are experienced sign language tutors who make sure the signs, pace and grammar are perfect before the discs are edited.


We often film from 2 camera angles so you can see how the sign looks when you make it yourself as well as how it looks when someone else is signing it to you. Even though this takes a lot of time and effort to set up in filming, it’s unique to us, and if it helps you to learn, then it’s worth it! Signs are repeated in slow motion where necessary and the material is subtitled.

Our products are all categorised as Teaching or Practice DVDs.
(Although Teaching Discs do all include practice sketches too!).

Teaching Products

Materials to teach you new sign vocabulary or B.S.L phrases. They can be used as a ‘stand alone’ teaching aid, or you can use them as a revision/refresher of signs that you’ve learned from your sign class.

Practice Products

These materials are designed for those of you who have already started signing, and they’re there to be used as extra practice, helping you to gain confidence in understanding what is being signed to you (Receptive skills).

Our videos are available as DVDs and downloads and are popular with Deaf, Hearing Impaired and Hearing people. They can be used by both children and adults, either as stand alone ‘teach yourself’ products or as revision aids. To date our DVD range covers Baby Signing, Beginners, Level 1 and Level 2.