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Why we are here

What’s The Sign For…? was set up when Karen Denis moved from a Special school for Deaf children, to a unit for the Deaf that was based within a Mainstream school.

“Many of the hearing children wanted to learn to sign so they could communicate with their Deaf friends. They were constantly asking for signs for various things (Miss… what’s the sign for this?, what’s the sign for that?) when I realised how keen the children were to learn, I started looking at sign language teaching resources. I was surprised to find that despite the visual nature of the language, there were very few sign language Videos/DVDs available.

I started to think that if the children were keen to learn, then maybe there were adults that were also interested but who couldn’t access sign language classes for whatever reason. My husband suggested that I should make a video myself and after discussing it with a Deaf colleague (Anita Duffy), I decided to give it a try.

I believe that Sign Language should be taught by Deaf people as it is often their first (or preferred) language. I feel that What’s the Sign For…? works well as we combine the skills of the Deaf presenters along with my experience as a teacher. I feel that this helps to make the What’s the Sign For …? resources easy and interesting to use”

Karen Denis

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What’s The Sign For…? aims to provide quality Sign Language teaching and learning resources whilst employing Deaf people (or people with links to the Deaf community) as far as is possible.